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Committee Officers

Chair:  Ms. Judy Manfredi

Vice Chair:  Dr. Manzoor Mohideen

Secretary:  Vacant

Treasurer:  Ms. Mary K. Narla

Committee Members

District 1:  Ms. Nikki Cmar

District 1:  Dr. Sudhir Narla

District 2:  Ms. Nicole Ruscitto

District 2:  Vacant

District 3:  Ms. Judy Manfredi

District 3:  Mr. Ed Manfredi

District 4:  Ms. JoAnn Karloski

District 4:  Mr. Walter Karloski

District 5:  Ms. Tracy Szemanski

District 5:  Mr. Brian Hutson

District 6:  Vacant

District 6:  Vacant

District 7:  Ms. Angela Militzer

District 7:  Mr. Brian Militzer

District 8:  Vacant

District 8:  Vacant

District 9:  Ms. Karen Bucy

District 9:  Vacant

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